Number Of People Suffering From Hunger Increasing, UN Report Says

  • 13-Sep-2018
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Bhubaneswar: According to a UN report, there has been a rise in the number of people suffering from hunger. The analysis has revealed, in 2017 around 821 million people were undernourished. It was also stated that two per cent of the total global pollution have had their growth stunted owing to lack of sufficient nutrition.

The author of the report The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World have partly apportioned blame on drastic events like flood and drought. Another factor that is contributing to the plight is the difficulty in sourcing nutritious food. This has also resulted in one in eight adult being identified as obese.

“The report sends a clear message that climate variability and exposure to more complex, frequent and intense climate extremes are threatening to erode and even reverse the gains made in ending hunger and malnutrition,” the authors said. An urgent call for local and global action have been called for.

“It is shocking that after a prolonged decline, this is the third consecutive year of rising hunger. The inescapable fact is that climate change is now leaving people around the world without enough to eat. Hunger is significantly worse in countries hit by severe droughts and flooding. A hotter world is proving to be a hungrier world. The people behind these stark statistics need urgent help. Our political leaders must redouble efforts to cut the use of fossil fuels and commit funds to help poor countries adapt to climate crises,” Robin Willoughby, Head of Food and Climate Policy and Campaigns at Oxfam, said.