Docu Film On ‘King Of Coin’

  • 13-Aug-2021

Money Mafia: Fake Stamp Paper

Almost everybody has heard about the Telgi scam, about Abdul Karim Telgi and his rise from a fruit seller to a scam that involved thousands of crores. Those who were victims of the scam, would need no introduction to what happened but there are many who would want to know what was so special about Telgi.

Money Mafia: Fake Stamp Paper: The King of Cons, a documentary gives an insight to what transpired. The 28-minute docu-style film is interesting to watch as it has bites from people who were involved in the investigation and the journalist who broke the news.

The series, Money Mafia, promises to detangle the white-collar crimes. And it all begins with the Telgi scam. The eight episodes broken into two seasons will investigate scams in various segments like revenue and law, tax and finance, cyber frauds and the stock market.



This episode takes you from his days as a fruit seller to the days behind the jail and how he continued to run business from behind the bars. The narrative is straight-forward even though there are parts where one feels that he was somewhat glorified.

The only problem is that the documentary leaves a lot many questions unanswered like how it all worked and how he built the nexus. Overall, it is a documentary that will give only the superficial information without going much into the depth.