Man Shot After Killing 2 Children And Injured One

  • 20-Mar-2024

Badaun: It is confirmed that two children were killed and one was injured on Tuesday when attacked by two men in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. The main accused has been encountered. The two assailants have been identified as Javed and Sajid.

It si said, Vinod Kumar and his wife Sangeeta live with their three children. Duo Javed and Sajid run their salon in front of Vinod house. 

Both Javed and Sajid have been involved in some dispute with Vinod’s family. On Tuesday, Vinod’s wife Sangeeta was at home with all three children when Javed and Sajid came to Vinod’s house in the evening and went straight to the second floor of the house and started attacking Vinod’s children. 

Sangeeta was downstairs and upon hearing the screams of the children, people rushed upstairs. The accused had fled from the crime scene.

The police were informed about the murder but the agitated crowd did not allow the police to take possession of the bodies of the children while the family turned back the ambulance that had come to collect the bodies.

The angry mob vandalized the neighborhood and blocked the road.
After some time, the police took one of the accused Sajid into custody and started interrogating him while the search for the main accused Javed was on. It is learned that Javed died in an encounter with the police.