Naman Festival Shows Dexterity, Charm And Acrobatics

  • 29-Aug-2019

Bengaluru: The tenth edition of 'Naman', a festival of Odissi dance, organized by Nrityantar and spearheaded by dancer Madhulita Mohapatra once again celebrated various styles of the dance form by leading exponents of the dance as well as students. The two day event, held at ADA Rangamandira, Bangalore, was a crowd puller.

On the first day, Nrityantar ensemble delighted the audience with their Malhar Pallavi. Akshithi Roy Chaudhury was another show stealer, who, with her perfect charis and stances came up with Mohana Pallavi in the slow speed, and further charmed with her precision and footwork in the faster cadence. Madhulita Mahapatra’s abhinaya stood out in an ashtapadi ‘Ramathe Yamuna pulinavane’. She captured the swift change in emotions, of Radha’s sorrow and lament as she sketched Krishna’s dalliance with other gopis.


The legend of the little ‘Dharmapada’ who sacrifices his life after he completes building the dome of Konark temple was depicted by a group of young dancers who tried to give their best, and it stood out for the verve and expression of the main character portrayed by the young Angelina Avnee.