Kovind Advises To Youth, ‘Remain Non-Violent’

  • 25-Jan-2020
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New Delhi: On the eve of India’s 71st Republic Day, President Ram Nath Kovind Saturday urged the youth of the country to remain non-violent and remember Gandhi’s gift of ‘Ahimsa’ (non-violence) when fighting for a cause.

When fighting for a cause. people, particularly the youth should not forget the gift of Ahimsa Gandhiji gave to humanity. Gandhiji’s talisman for deciding whether an act is right or wrong also applies to the functioning of our democracy, the president said in his customary address to the nation on the eve of 71st Republic Day.

He says that modern India comprises of three organs – Legislature, Executive and Judiciary which are necessarily interlinked and interdependent. Yet, on the ground, the people comprise the State. ‘We the People’ are the prime movers of the Republic. With us, the people of India rests the real power to decide our collective future.

President Kovind stressed the need for mutual cooperation between the government and the opposition parties and said they have “Important Roles To Play”.

According to him, the third decade of the 21st century, will be the “decade of the rise of New India” and a “new generation of Indians”. 

Kovind says that with technological advancement, the young minds are better informed and more confident. The next generation remains strongly committed to the core values of our nation. For our youth, the nation always comes first. With them, we are witnessing the emergence of a New India.

He urges that with the passage of time, the country is losing living links of the great freedom struggle but assured that there is no reason to worry because the beliefs that guided it are in continuity.

Speaking on the issue of security, President Kovind says that strong internal security is essential for the development of the country and therefore, the government has taken several steps to strengthen the internal security system.

I have nothing but unreserved praise for our armed forces, paramilitary and internal security forces. Their sacrifices to preserve the integrity and unity of our country present a saga of unparalleled courage and discipline, says Kovind.

President Praises Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). He says that the country is proud of them. ‘They (ISRO) are making further progress in Mission Gaganyaan, and the nation excitedly looks forward to the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme gaining further momentum this year.’

President quotes the words of B R Ambedkar, ‘If we wish to maintain democracy not merely in form, but also in fact, what must we do? The first thing in my judgment we must do is to hold fast to constitutional methods of achieving our social and economic objectives.’