Rebuild Broken Relationship

  • 05-Nov-2020
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Experiencing issues like insecurities, trust breach, infidelity, communication gaps, misunderstanding, emotional distance then maybe it’s time for you to sit back and take note of things going wrong. Together, you and your partner can revive your broken relationship in the simplest ways. Here are some ways that can come handy:
1. Healthy Dialogue: It could trigger your partner in ways you may not have perceived. Always be kind and gentle while discussing what you feel. Allow each other the time to absorb each other’s feelings and expectations and tread carefully why forming a discussion.
2. Apologise: Any relationship is to learn to apologise. Apologising doesn’t make a person bigger or smaller. It is, in fact, a show of strength and respect you have towards your partner and the relationship. Accepting your mistakes early will only put a stop to unhealthy situations that will arise if it’s left to fester. 
3. Avoid Pushing Buttons: An attempt to get back at the other, one tends to touch upon a subject which is a potential trigger. Pushing each other’s buttons will only aggravate the animosity towards each other. Avoid doing that under any circumstance.

4. Rainforce Boundaries: Couples do make things clear and lay their expectations on the table, those lines tend to blur out during a relationship. If you notice you are being taken for granted or vice versa, it’s time for you to reinforce healthy boundaries. When one of you oversteps these, make sure you are gentle about reminding that to each other. 
5. Let’s Go: Making conversations and trying to reconnect, you find yourself in a position where there is no winning – that’s your cue to let go. Sometimes, letting go is the most self-respecting gesture towards yourself and your partner.