Odisha Govt. Eyes On Shree Baldev Jew temple Of Keonjhar 

  • 05-Jan-2021
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The famous Lord Baldev Jew temple of Keonjhar in Odisha to be renovated. District Collector Ashish Thakare said that the beautification work will be completed by the end of 2021. It is to be noted that Odisha government has allotted Rs. 1 crore for beautification of this temple. It is said that the Bhajan Mandap, Bhoga mandap, shed of the Bhajan Mandap and the Snana mandapa will be renovated with the allotted money.

In the second phase, the toilet complex, hand and feet washing zone, entrance gate on the east side, maintenance work will be taken up. It is to be noted that in the old town of Keonjhar the famous Baldev Jew temple is situated in 1.96 acre area. Besides statue of the prime deity of the temple there are many other idols getting worshipped inside the temple premises. After this renovation the temple will get a glittering look and will attract tourists and devotees.