COVID-19 Vaccine Costs Rs 1,000 Per Dose In Market 

  • 12-Jan-2021
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As Serum Institute of India ships out its coronavirus vaccine candidate to multiple cities in the country, CEO Adar Poonawalla has said that it is a big relief for the company. He also said that multiple countries are seeking COVID-19 vaccines from India and that the company is trying to supply COVID-19 vaccines in Africa. He also said that the vaccine will be sold at Rs 1,000 per dose to private players, as against Rs 200 for the government.


Poonawalla also said that after the first 100 million doses will be offered at Rs 200 per dose to the government, Serum Institute will sell the coronavirus vaccine at Rs 1,000 per dose to private players. He said, ‘We have given a special price of Rs 200 for the first 100 million doses only to the Government of India on their request that we want to support the common man, vulnerable, poor and healthcare workers. After that, we'll be selling it at Rs 1,000 in private markets.’