Kaun Banega Crorepati 12: 

  • 12-Nov-2020


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The Season First Crorepati, Nazia Nasim, Couldn't Answer
Kaun Banega Crorepati 12 has got its first crorepati in Nazia Nasim. However, even she couldn't kick on and win the Rs. 7 crore jackpot. So, are you interested to know what the question was which left even such a smart and well-read person as herself stumped. Well, superstar host Amitabh Bachchan had asked her: "Who is the first woman and also the former astronaut to reach the deepest point of the ocean, Mariana Trench?" The options were: A) Sally Ride, B) Valentina Tereshkova C) Svetlana Savitskaya D) Kathryn D Sullivan. All out of lifelines and not wanting to take such a huge risk after having come so far, Nazia wisely quite the game. And for those dying to know the right answer, it's D.) Kathryn D Sullivan.On becoming the first crorepati of KBC 12, a joyous Nazia Nasim said, "My experience with KBC has been absolutely wonderful. Coming to KBC is a dream come to for a lot of people and for me, it has been a dream that I cherished since I was a young girl, wanting to participate in KBC. I have been trying all these years but this season, as a mother of a ten-year-old, experience of participating was surreal. Meeting Mr. Bachchan in person seems larger than life as he is very humble and grounded. Being first crorepati of this season, the feeling has not sunk in too much. More than money what I have earned through KBC is pride, honor and respect. KBC is an aspiration which every commoner like me nurtures and when that turns into reality, it is unmatchable. With the winning amount, 
I would invest some money for the medical needs of my parents and in laws. Would also focus on my son's future and getting him international level of soccer coaching. Some amount would also go towards charity."

Speaking about her feminist roots, Nazia elaborated, "I believe power of opinion or power of choice jitni ladkon ko milti hai, utni hi ladkiyon ko milni chahiye. Aur is value system ki shuruwat humare gharon se hi honi chahiye. Duniya badalna sirf auraton ki zimmedaari nahin hai. Agar mard sath nahi aayenge to duniya nahi badlegi. Main apnea ap ko feminist kehti hun. Jyadatar logon ki understanding ye hai ki feminist jo hoti hai, wo mard-virodhi hoti hai. Lekin aisa bilkul bhi nahi hai. Feminist ek mard bhi ho sakta hai. You know, we have always believed to raise our daughters like our sons. But now it is time to raise our sons like our daughters."