Today's Horoscope

13 Jun 2021

Long distant relationships may need to be handled with utmost care today. You will have to prevail upon a family member to do things your way.

A loving gift from lover is likely to bowl you over! You will happily accompany friends or relations on a fun trip. An ancestral property may come in your name.

A blissful existence is foreseen for the married. Something you want desperately may be denied to you by the family. A journey may not turn out as expected, but you will make the most of it.

Chances of catching the eye of the one you admire look bright, so make your presence felt. Spouse or a family member will help you plan something that needs to be done urgently on the domestic front.


Cupid likely to strike those seeking love, so expect to enjoy a romance-filled day! Family will be a pillar of support for those facing an uncertain future. Setting out early will make a long journey comfortable. Getting possession of a house or flat is possible.

Those contemplating love marriage are likely to succeed in their mission! Domestic life will have its ups and downs, but you will manage to navigate the rough waters well. Those travelling by road will find the going easy and comfortable.

An exciting time with spouse is indicated for those recently married. You will feel much more confident of yourself now, than before. Adopting an active lifestyle will do a whale of a good in keeping minor ailments at bay.

Newlyweds are likely to fly off to spend time in each other’s company. Your performance is likely to bring you into the notice of those who matter on the professional front. Devoting time and energy on the academic front will not seem too difficult, so expect favourable returns.

Lack of confidence may mar your chances on the romantic front. Harmony prevails on the family front and may motivate you to plan an outing with your near and dear ones. An excellent time is foreseen for those planning a vacation.

Complaints are the only thing you will get while on an outing with lover. You are set to enjoy the fruits of labour on the professional front. Spouse seems most cooperative and will support your ideas.

A commitment made to lover will be fulfilled to his or her satisfaction. Mood swings of spouse threaten to bring you within inches of a tiff, so steer clear. Vacation beckons those who look forward to having a good time. You will need to better your performance on the academic front to make your mark.

Some of you can be jilted in love, so be prepared to make a fresh beginning. Family is likely to remain most supportive in whatever you do. Travelling will be fun, so find time for a spin. You may feel blessed by getting a good bargain in real estate. It is important to remain health conscious.