The Sweet Gesture Of Deepika Padukone 

  • 13-Sep-2023

Ridhi Dogra who was mother of Shah Rukh Khan in Jawan, is currently enjoying the success of her latest release. The actress talked about Deepika Padukone.

She told, I could see from my vision that Deepika had pulled her chair back to sit in the same line as me. It was a very small thing, but it spoke very highly of her. I was deeply touched by her solidarity and gratitude.

Ridhi Dogra recited, One day, Deepika and her entire team were on set. There was the monitor, and we were sitting behind it. This beautiful thing happened, and she won my heart.

Sometimes on sets, there are personal chats and personal banter. I remember sitting a bit behind them as I wanted to give them (Deepika) privacy, and I wanted to have privacy of my own.