Tanushree Dutta Cries For Help 

  • 20-Jul-2022

Being ‘Harassed And Targeted Very Badly’

Mumbai: Bollywood actor Tanushree Dutta says she is being ‘harassed & targeted very badly’ and penned a lengthy note on social media while narrating her ordeal. 

The actress cried for help on Instagram, insisting that despite of severe mental, physical & psychological harassment, she is ‘not going to commit suicide’ but will fight. She also described the troubles she is facing because of ‘bollywood mafia, political circuit and anti-national elements’.

Tanushree wrote: ‘I’m being harassed & targeted very badly. Please someone do something!! First it was my bollywood work being sabotaged last one year, then a maid was planted to douse my drinking water with medications & steroids which caused all kinds of severe health problems, then when I escaped to Ujjain in May my vehicle brakes tampered twice & accident. 

I barely escaped death & returned mumbai after 40 days to resume normal life & work. Now strange disgusting stuff in my building outside my flat.