Rajat Experienced With Acting

  • 31-May-2021

Rajat Verma, who shot to fame playing Rishi in Beyhadh 2, is now playing a parallel lead role on Sony TV’s Ishk Par Zor Nahi.

The show is about two ideologies related to marriage and how they collide in this situation. Hence, the parallel lead. The show progresses from here on and every character here has different views about how they perceive love and marriage, be it the character who plays my elder brother, everyone has a different take.


Rajat said, ‘I play Kartik. He is witty and whatever he says resonates with how people think in real life. His thoughts are similar to how the young think today, there should be equality between men and women. A woman should be allowed to work because she is capable of working and looking after the home as well. This is such a positive message to send out to the viewers. I feel that my character’s views are progressive and on the right track.’