Shah Rukh Khan Opens Brotherly Bond With Salman Khan

  • 26-Jun-2022

Shah Rukh Khan Opens Brotherly Bond With Salman Khan

Mumbai: Shah Rukh Khan recently spoke about his professional relationship with Salman Khan and the personal bond they share. On his Instagram handle as he cherished 30 years of his Bollywood journey with fans and followers. Shah Rukh, who has over 29.9 million Instagram followers opened up on his relationship with Salman as a co-star and friend. 

SRK also mentioned his and Salman’s respective cameos in Tiger 3 and Pathaan. Shah Rukh’s upcoming actioner Pathaan‘s motion poster was unveiled today, so the actor took the opportunity to also interact with his fans on 30 year Bollywood journey.

SRK responded to a fan question during the live session and stated, With Salman Khan there is no working experience. There is only love experience, happy experiences, friendly experiences and brotherly experiences. So, it’s amazing whenever I get to work with him. 


Again he said, We haven’t done a full fledged film together except Karan-Arjun which was also not full-fledged as we weren’t together for too long. So, we get to work four-five days in an year sometimes. Last two years have been fantastic as I got to be in one of his films. I had a couple of days role with Kabir Khan. And he came in Zero and did a song with me.