Dog Managed To Stay With Leopard For 7 Hours

  • 04-Feb-2021

A stray dog in Karnataka was trapped inside a toilet with a leopard for nearly seven hours on Wednesday, without attacking each other.

The incident took place in Bilinele village, in Kadaba, Dakshina Kannada district. According to a report, the dog was being chased by the leopard and it found a hiding spot in a residential toilet. However, the leopard still managed to follow it inside it. When the lady of the house opened the bathroom in the morning, she immediately boltd it from outside and aletred the police.

A picture taken from roof, shows the dog sitting near the bathroom door, while the leopard is sitting at a distance beside the Indian toilet commode. The picture has been taken after removing the asbestos of the bathroom.


Despite efforts to catch the leopard, it managed to escape around 2 pm and the dog was rescued alive. Locals have identified the dog as Bollu. However, many even wondered why the leopard did not attack the dog.