Instagram Model Joselyn Cano Dies At 30

  • 21-Dec-2020

Popular Instagram model Joselyn Cano, 30, has died of an alleged botched butt-lift surgery. Cano was popular known as the Mexican Kim Kardashian, lives in California. 

Report says, Cano had travelled to Colombia for the surgery where she died on December 7 due to post-surgery complications. 

Cano's family is yet to make a statement to the press but held a virtual screening of her fiuneral on Friday. 

The service had an open casket with angels on either side and a photo of Cano with “Joselyn” written on the backdrop.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the ceremony was attended by a select few. 

Cano was a model, influencer and a fashion designer and had a strong 12.8 million fans following her on Instagram.