Ludhiana: Elder Sister Killed Five-Year-Old Boy, Dumped Body In Gunny Bag

  • 09-Oct-2018
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New Delhi: A 19-year-old girl was arrested on Tuesday for allegedly killing her five-year-old brother, whose body was found dumped in a gunny bag outside his residence in Amarjit Colony of Ludhiana on Sunday.

Police claimed that the girl strangled her brother to death as she ‘wanted to get rid of him’. They said the accused confessed to her crime during questioning and said she was frustrated as her brother used to follow her wherever she went and used abusive language towards her.

On Saturday, when her parents were out, she strangled him to death, she told police. She then took off the clothes from his body and stuffed it inside a gunny bag. She hid the bag under a cot in her house and when her parents returned, raised an alarm that her brother is missing. On Sunday, she woke up around 4am and before anyone else woke up, dumped the gunny bag outside their home to make it look like a kidnapping and murder case.